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Craft Projects You Can Make Out Of Your Christmas Cards

Craft Projects You Can Make Out Of Your Christmas Cards It is always a fun part of the holiday season giving and receiving Christmas cards. But what can you do with them after the holidays? It is often a shame simply to throw them out - they have beautiful holiday scenes and many of them now have sentimental value. Here are some craft projects to give a new life to your Christmas cards. Make a Christmas Card Wreath - for this project you will need an embroidery hoop, a glue gun with glue sticks........ Read More

Business Christmas Cards

There are many changes in America and the right to practice the freedom of religion is under scrutiny nearly everywhere you turn today. Schools are not allowed to have prayer in school, mention the God or the Bible or offer a moment of silence for prayer during any type of emergency situations. In the general population, there are arguments that “God” should be taken out of the “Pledge of Allegiance”, off of the dollar bill and removed from other historical documents. A new question is w........ Read More

Give One, Get One: Christmas Cards

Christmas is one of the best times of the year. It is anticipated greatly and loved by all. Some people begin planning for the next year's Christmas at the beginning of January. They think about the parties they will host, the people they will see, and the relatives and friends they will reconnect with. Those who love shopping hunt for the perfect gifts all throughout the year. There are many special traditions that people celebrate around Christmastime. One of the best traditions for many peopl........ Read More

A Credit Card Can Sing A Christmas Carol Too

“Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine” How many times have you heard this so far and its only November? A few I’ll bet, but with Christmas seemingly becoming earlier to us each year, we will no doubt feel the need to get ahead with our present and food buying. This though only leads to us spending more than we should. This is because with the shops full of decorations and Christmas tunes, the stores are dictating to us that we have to buy our gifts now, which will mean by the time December h........ Read More

Guidelines For Sending Business Christmas Cards

Whether you own a sole proprietorship or are the CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation, sending business Christmas cards can serve to boost your customer relations and ultimately improve your bottom line. About half of all businesses send holiday cards - sometimes with unintended negative consequences. Here are some guidelines to ensure that your thoughtful gesture will be interpreted in the best possible light. Selecting the Right Card Every business has an image it portrays, whether through ........ Read More

New Ways To Use Old Christmas Cards

Forty years ago when I was growing up on our dairy farm in Wisconsin, my mother always saved the Christmas cards she had received in the mail. In those days, people sent many more Christmas cards than they do now. Today, I still find myself saving the cards that I get each Christmas. When the holiday season is over, I take them down off the dining-room side of our kitchen cabinets. I look at each one and think about the person who sent it. Then I tuck the cards into Christmas canisters and stor........ Read More

5 Reasons To Send Business Christmas Cards

The holiday season will soon be upon us, which means that it's time for businesses to start thinking about Christmas cards. If you've never sent business holiday cards, or don't make a point of sending them out every year, here are five reasons why you should start: 1. Meet Expectations. Although the adage, "It's better to give than to receive," is a sentimental favorite, those with whom you do business expect to be remembered during the holidays. Holiday greeting cards help smooth your busin........ Read More

The History Of The Christmas Card

The Christmas card, as we know it, originated in England in the year 1843. An artist named John Calcott Horsley was commissioned by Sir Henry Cole, a wealthy and successful London businessman, to create a card that could be sent out to his friends and clients to wish them a merry Christmas. Sir Henry Cole was very well known at the time, for a number of reasons. He had a helping hand in helping to modernize the British postal system. He played a prominent role in the creation of the Royal Al........ Read More

Make A Painted Christmas Card

Arts and crafts is a tool that provides you with unlimited creativity, patience, skill sets and a whole lot of fun. Many times, people don’t know or they feel ignorant as how to make something decorative, creative and beautiful and as such there are different craft books available to guide you for making a particular craft. If it is the much awaited Christmas time and you want to send some beautiful Christmas cards to your friends and relatives then why to purchase an expensive card from the ........ Read More

Equestrian Christmas Cards: Quick Steps On How To Do Them

Every year comes the holiday season. It is deemed to be the perfect time of giving and sharing. Gifts are not measured by the sizes of their boxes or by the lavishness of their wrappers. The thought that comes with the giving is what matters the most. Christmas cards bear the thoughts that you want to share to your loved ones. Of course, you want something unique this time, right? These Christmas cards are better appreciated if it comes as a fruit of your labor. Why should you purchase the tra........ Read More

Credit Cards For Christmas Joy

Sometimes I think that they should not be called credit cards. I think that more appropriate nomenclature would be convenience cards or lifestyle cards. Because credit cards do tend to have a lifestyle altering effect. Without doubt credit cards come in handy at times when you have to suddenly expend above average money. That is where a common application of credit cards is in the form of Christmas shopping. When you are trying to spread that holiday cheer, it sure helps when you have a line ........ Read More

Bass Fishing Christmas Cards: Tis The Season

For the majority people, Christmas time means shopping for gifts, cards and presents for their friends, family, co-workers and many others. Unfortunately, shopping for Christmas often times creates a lot of stress and burden for people due to the fact that they have to go out, fight the crowds and pay retail prices for the Christmas gifts they buy. Now, you can get all of your Christmas gifts and supplies including ornaments, trees, cards, crafts and cookies at discount prices online and at the........ Read More

Use Your Credit Card To Have A Merry Christmas

We are getting to this time of year again, when your credit card is used a lot more than at any other time of the year. So much so that if it is not the credit card that is screaming for mercy then you will be when that first credit card statement after the festivities, falls on the doormat. So what are the things that we can do to make this time of year be such a pleasure, that we are not dreading the Christmas period next year? Make repayments cover the interest… Here is a f........ Read More

Cashing In On Your Credit Card For Christmas?

'Tis the season to be jolly - and Christmas usually means spending more than you'd like to. If you're finding your cash is spending even less time in your wallet than usual, it can be hard to resist the urge to turn to the credit card at Christmas for a little light relief. Using your credit card to take out cash is tempting but can also be horrendously expensive. If you think you'll need more cash than usual at this time of year, don't be surprised if you're hit for six by the high costs......... Read More

Christmas Greeting Cards

Christmas Greetings are a variety of greetings that are said to friends, family, coworkers and others around Christmas time. Christmas Greetings are said with the best of intentions. The most popular Christmas Greeting is “Merry Christmas,” referring directly to the joyous spirit felt by so many around the Christmas holiday. Christmas Greetings can also be written in a Christmas card or email. Many popular Christmas Greetings are displayed on wrapping paper, ornaments and Christmas decora........ Read More


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